my parents were in peru & one day i asked my dad if he would bring me back a peruvian boho bag of his choosing. he did!! at about the same time i was traveling to missouri to visit my oldest daughter and do a little road trip thru missouri, oaklahoma & texas. i came across jewelry i hadn't seen before, druzzy!  and i decided at once i liked the style. i was receiving so many compliments on my boho bag & jewelry i thought maybe i would sell some. (at this point it was an idea that had been sitting in my head)when i came upon a stunning mango bowl, i just had to have it. i started thinking, what if i put all my favorites together & sell them? what if thru out my travels i find random treasures that i could share?  my mom happen to be visiting me in california & complimented me on my style. i asked my mom what she thought my style was. "eclectic" she answered. who knew a few months later i would use the idea sitting in my head & actually use it! the words of my mom came back to me & eclectic wildflower was born. i still ask my dad to choose random items for me & i recently was in peru and picked some amazing fabric and designed some hobo bags. i hope you enjoy the items as much as i do. life is for living! having fun! expressing yourself thru your own personal style.

'live life, be eclectic'


who is eclectic wildflower?